About My Blog and Me

Welcome to my blog and thanks for stumbling upon it. Although you may regret it after reading a few articles because you may be hooked to continue to follow my post. Just kidding! But thats my goal!


For those who don’t know me, I’m a wanderlust journalism and a global and international studies student at SUNY Oswego. With a passion for broadcast and print journalism. I enjoy traveling, entertainment and new adventures and hope to turn everything I enjoy into a career one day!


I’m an outgoing 21 year old who will tell you how it is. I’m always looking for something new to try and want you to follow me on adventures and experiences of a lifetime.


My aim to all this is in the end to hardly know what I’ll be doing tomorrow so that i just invest and live for my todays. Hopefully this helps me to do so but in the meantime my life revolves around college and weekend adventures.


Here’s to new memories and nothing but stories to share! Hope you enjoy my life and I inspire you to live like me and embrace all your todays even if I’m not jet setting to another country everyday I’m setting off to new places. Everyday is an adventure.

If you have any recommendations or just want to contact me! You can reach me through my social media accounts, contact page, or through email at donermadison@gmail.com I’m always looking for recommendations and sponsors!