Colloca Estate Winery

A lot of people don’t know that there are many hidden gems to upstate New York. The fall is my favorite season here because there are so many fun activities from apple picking to cider and wine tasting there isn’t enough time in the season.

I am currently in my senior year at SUNY Oswego and the same old party scene gets old after awhile so it’s always fun to do something different. This past weekend the seniors in my sorority and I went to Colloca Estate Winery for the day. IMG_3770

This winery is only about a 20-30 minute drive from Oswego, NY in the Village of Fair Haven, NY. We got there by the D-bus which can charter any event you have planned with very reasonable prices. 

If you call Colloca Estate Winery ahead of time you can reserve spots in the tasting room or of course you can just walk in. We called ahead of time and were greeted by the great staff! The atmosphere is just as you’d expect cozy and urban and the staff made our time there so enjoyable. In the tasting room you taste I believe it was 7-10 different wines. The tasting is $7 if you do not buy a bottle at the end or you just pay for the bottle you buy and the tasting is then complimentary.IMG_3805

They just released a hard cider this season and that was my favorite. My other favorite and many of my friends favorite was a new wine they made called Mindy’s Giggle Juice, which is a sweet pink riesling. Another favorite among my friends was the Dolce Riesling 

Other than the tasting room the property has so much more to offer. There is an outside kitchen and bar along with a separate area on the grounds for weddings. They also have LIVE music as much as possible during the season! IMG_3806

I recommend the hard cider and the pear, arugula, and gorgonzola pizza from the outside kitchen it was a great pair, their cheese dishes are really good as well! 

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