How Amsterdam stole my heart.

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and is known for its artistry, canal systems, and narrow houses and of course the Red Light District. This city is chock full of museums and art. The cyclist and the narrow canals is what creates the cities character in my eyes. 

What drew my friends and I to Amsterdam was of course the fact that we are curious twenty something year olds. Amsterdam is like a fairytale land I must say.23561868_1818175374877965_2795279387860750851_n

Why I fell in love with this city is because of the people and atmosphere. Everyone is just happy and enjoying life it makes you think like ‘is this real?’ I won’t make assumptions but if I had to guess maybe its the pot that makes them all happy or maybe its just their way of life how relaxed the environment is.

Either way whether you are a pot smoker or not this is a city you need to visit once in your life time just to experience the atmosphere of this beautiful picturesque city. 

How to get to Amsterdam

My friends and I travelled from Heathrow in London to Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport via British Airways. Our flight was at night on a Thursday so when we landed not much was open besides night clubs and some restaurants. 23621521_1818176404877862_8769860017420335932_nLuckily our hostel was at the center of mostly everything so we walked to a burger joint called Bar B and got a beer tower of Heineken and relaxed. 

Where to stay in Amsterdam 

As I’ve mentioned in many previous blog posts such as my most recent 36 Hours in Berlin, Hostelworld is my go to when booking hostels. This trip we booked Amsterdam Hostel Centre. The only good thing about this place was the location and price if you can afford better  than that don’t book here. Realistically you are never in your room the whole trip so it’s not a huge deal. My friends and I got a private six person room with a balcony that was a plus! But the major downfall was the bathroom! The showers were the size of closets and the bathrooms you had just enough room to sit on the toilet still with your knees hitting the door! 

What to do in Amsterdam (what is there not to do 😉 )

Day 1: This trip had no schedule to it it was more of a leisure trip at this point we were tired of seeing museums and personally I’m not a big art girl. We started the day at a creperie (thin pancakes for anyone who hasn’t been lucky enough to ever 23755362_1818176241544545_8970159393081661417_nhave one), creperies are all over Amsterdam and they make the perfect breakfast or lunch. I went on my own way from breakfast to go on the Heineken Experience Tour. I highly recommend it to anyone! Although I am not a beer drinker you get 4 beers at the end at their cool bar! The tour is super interactive and overall just interesting. My favorite part was the tasting in the old barn. After this I met up with my friends and we decided to go on a canal tour. MAN WAS THIS A WASTE OF TIME. That was the last time I did a boat tour unless its going to be a booze cruise. After that waste of time we went to grab dinner at Wok to Walk (great go to food when traveling in foreign countries). After dinner I headed to the Anne Frank House, this was one of my absolute favorite things I did on any trip. Make sure to book your tickets FAR in advance they book up crazy quick. 

Day 2: We got a bit of a late start to our day but that was fine because we were just going with the flow this trip. We didn’t want to waste more time of sitting and getting breakfast so we just popped in a Starbucks for a quick bite and then we just became tourists roaming the streets for the day and other activities. What really amazed me was the Red Light District which we stumbled upon after going through this narrow alley way. It literally was like jumping down a rabbit hole and suddenly you were inthe red light district. Prostitution culture is so different there it truly astonished me not in a bad way just in a curious way. My friends and I then all went to the Sex Museum this was just a funny thing to do I wouldn’t say it’s a must. What is a must though is the fries next to the museum! Do not leave Amsterdam without having them. I could not leave Amsterdam without an infamous picture with/of the I AMSTERDAM sign which is in front of the Van Gough Museum


This trip overall was one of my most relaxed and easygoing trips and thats how it should be because thats how the city of Amsterdam is. I 100% will return to Amsterdam one day and I hope whoever is reading this is convinced to go to.

P.S. – The word ‘coffeeshop’ does not mean a Starbucks or cute cafe by the way in Amsterdam so remember that when going there.


22 thoughts on “How Amsterdam stole my heart.

  1. First off, your blog name is so adorable, and I am so happy you are traveling the world! My husband and I did as much as we could before our little one came a little over a year ago, so we’re home bound for now. But Berlin is on our bucket list so I am so saving this for later!

    Thanks for sharing,
    Josephine | Better as Us

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  2. Ages ago I visited Amsterdam & really enjoyed it. This was well before I started my family. I’m well overdue another visit… (hopefully without my family again 😊)

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