The Perfect Day in Rome Itinerary

Rome is a city full of history and tourists. There is so much to see like in Florence that it is hard to do it just in one day but my friends and I saw as much as we could. As in Florence, Rome also had the cute narrow cobblestone streets but while spending the day it was clear Rome was more for tourists. The city is very populated and dirty in some spots, as always when traveling beware of your surroundings and pickpockets. I hope this itinerary will help you see in Rome in a day if you are limited on time like my Florence one but if not make sure to enjoy it all at your own pace! Especially the gelato you’ll miss that most when you leave. 

Here is a map of how we saw the city on foot:

How to get to Rome

My friends and I decided to fly to Milan through EasyJet since it was cheaper than flying directly into Rome at the time. We used google flights to find most of our flights while traveling because it gives you a variety of options. What really got us though was that we waited until last minute to buy the train tickets from Milan to Rome and that ended up costing us as much as our flight! In the long ruin if we bought the train tickets the same day as our flight it would’ve been cheaper for us but lesson learned, NEVER WAIT LAST MINUTE. Always look into all your options to see what is cheaper and what is worth it. 

How to spend the day 

We decided to explore Rome the day after my eventful day in Florence , click here if you want to find out about it.  It was super sunny and beautiful but my hangover was violent, we hit the town with a bottle of water in hand and a few Advils in my body. I used Google maps because they are always reliable although I do love Citymapper and TripAdvisor once again to plan our day and buy our tickets for the sites we planned on seeing.

  1. Colosseum – We took the metro (subway for you non-cultured people) from our Airbnb in Vatican City to our first stop of the day the Colosseum. As soon as you exit the station the Colosseum is right there in your face. Surrounded by other ancient ruins and these giant trees. IMG_4443.JPGParts of it has been destroyed by earthquakes but there is so much of it still standing along with other ruins. Next to it is the Roman Forum and your ticket for the colosseum is good for that too so don’t pay twice! We didn’t have time so we skipped that. After a solid hour or so here we went to a tourist trap for lunch! Oppio Cafe (not my choice just putting it out there) don’t get me wrong the view of the colosseum was great but the food was a rip. Don’t fall for these traps, walk of the beaten path to not get ripped off. 
  2. Pantheon – After that we headed towards the Pantheon. We were walking through narrow sketchy alleys for awhile and then all of a sudden it led us to a bustling part of the city. On every side of you there was a new ancient ruin and those giant trees it was something out of a history textbook it was beautiful. It took us longer than expected to get to the Pantheon because we kept stopping to enjoy the ruins but we finally made it there and man was it packed. IMG_4848The most shocking part about it was it was this giant ancient build smack in the middle of a city! The astonishing part about the Pantheon is the dome and if you go inside the opening at the top you see right into the sky. 
  3. Trevi Fountain – Like every travel blogger I recommend going here EARLY. My friends and I went around noon and it was swamped with people. The alley way we walked through from the Pantheon to the Trevi Fountain was my favorite! It had a ton of leather shops and souvenir stores I stocked up on my gifts there. IMG_7373After walking through the alley it spits you out right to the Trevi fountain another piece of history in the middle of the city with everything built around it. After watching someone get proposed to in front of the Trevi Fountain (future husband if you are reading this don’t do that be original) and enjoying gelato we had to head to the Vatican Museum because we had tickets for a specific time. 
  4. Vatican Museum/Sistine Chapel – We took a taxi there from Trevi Fountain because it was too far to walk. We thankfully pre booked our tickets and I highly recommend doing the same because our taxi driver said you can be waiting 3-5 hours or even all day to get in! We didn’t even have to wait we walked right on in! But I will tell you it is worth the wait to get in if you didn’t pre book your tickets. Everything about the museum was astonishing and breathtaking. The best part was the Sistine Chapel, we bought tickets that included this so make sure you do to because you don’t want to miss out. The paintings and artifacts in there are amazing. You aren’t aloud to take photos in the sistine chapel but I snapped one for those not lucky enough to go there yet. Still not over how this was all hand painted! IMG_5609

After our day being tourists we headed to a quiet town square called Campo de’ Fiori. This is a cute town market square with so many restaurants to choose from. Because like us you are probably going to be starving from all that walking you did. 

In Rome you can’t go wrong no matter where you eat (unless its a tourist trap). Always beware of your surroundings when traveling and go off the beaten path so you don’t get ripped off and get the best meal for your buck. 

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  1. I have always wanted to go to Italy. Some day I will! I am pinning this post for when I actually get to do that. 🙂 I’ll be checking out your Florence post too! Thanks for sharing.

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