Mini Guide to Ireland

While I was in Dublin I found myself with a lot of free time and roaming the streets. The best part of this was experiencing the amazing music the street performers play and dance to. It makes Ireland everything you expect it to be it’s the cherry on the cake.

Before I go into detail about trips and tips for you other travel seekers I have my number one tip!

Don’t stay in Dublin longer than 3 days !

I say this because in order to see all the sights you will want to see you need to wake up early catch a bus and travel 3 hours into the country and then tour and then travel 3 hours back if staying in Dublin. To get the most of your time in Ireland I recommend splitting your trip into 2-3 days in Dublin and then the rest in Galway since it is closer to all the sights you will want to see.

Cow Selfie!
  1. Trinity College – To be honest I had no desire to tour the college, so I just walked around the campus on one of the nice days I had while in Dublin and I attempted to go to the famous library, but it was closed but I got to look inside and still get to say I went there! I wouldn’t recommend doing a tour you can walk the grounds yourself!
  2. Kilmainham Goal This spot I am so sad I missed out on. I found out about this prison when we got there and when I went to book tickets to visit they were sold out. I highly recommend it because so many people recommended it to me once I was there that I am sad I didn’t get a chance to go. But hey just another excuse to go back to Ireland!
  3. IMG_3080
  4. Infamous Temple Bar
  5. Temple Bar District – All locals in Dublin will tell you this area is a rip (rip off) which it is everything is overpriced but you go there you know because it’s the center of the city with the best nightlife. It’s also where you’ll find all the street performers! Although my friends and I were told it was a rip we still had to experience one of the pubs in that area, so we choose The Old Storehouse and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! We walked into Irish live music and it was everything I hoped a pub in Ireland would be! My best night in Ireland was spent here.
  6. IMG_3944
  7. My not so lovely view of the Cliffs of Moher
  8. Cliffs of Moher – Since I was a student while doing all my travelling I was always trying to look for the best deals. When it came to tours I would compare prices to see if it’d be cheaper to do on my own or with a company. When it came to traveling to the Cliffs of Moher booking through a tour company was the best bet. I chose Paddywagon tours because they had the best reviews and you get the most out of the tour for a great price. And I couldn’t have been happier! Our guide Val was great! Extremely entertaining and made the day great! We stopped at Dunguaire Castle and got to walk around there and take pictures. Then we stopped for lunch at a little town not too far from the cliffs. Unfortunately, by the time we made it to the cliffs the weather didn’t clear up and you couldn’t even see your hand in front of your face it was so foggy. I’m glad I got to take a selfie with a cow though and take a picture with a castle! Just another reason to go back to Ireland for a good view of the Cliffs.
  9. IMG_6281
  10. Dunguaire Castle
  11. Blarney Castle – This adventure was more affordable to do on my own than through a tour company, so I used Google Maps and City Mapper to plan my day trip to Blarney Castle. I luckily had a beautiful day and a lot of people say its overrated but since I had such a beautiful day and wasn’t crunched for time since I was traveling alone I loved it! The grounds are beautiful and climbing the castle for the amazing views and the cliché picture kissing the stone is something you get to say you did and not many people can say that so it’s worth a visit! I recommend buying your bus tickets as I did ahead of time along with your ticket to get into the castle grounds.
  12. IMG_4088
  13. Blarney Castle and Gardens
  14. Stephen’s Green – Unfortunately I did not get to visit this lovely looking place, but blarney castle was good enough for me. I recommend visiting this place because it looks like a great place to enjoy lunch and just relax while being a tourist in Ireland. Plus, since I didn’t get a chance go for me and tell me all about it!
  15. Dun Laoghaire – I spent my last day in Dublin here and I absolutely adored this quaint seaside town. A friend of mine who studied abroad in Ireland told me to visit here and I’m so glad I did! It was the perfect way to spend my last day. I caught the train from Dublin and it was so easy to explore the town.
  16. IMG_3004
  17. Seal Friend Saying Welcome to Ireland
  18. My favorite part of the day was walking along the harbor and listening to this old man play the banjo and watching seals pop their heads out from out of the water. This is a great place to whine down on vacation. Listen to the man playing the banjo below! 

Hope my experience and tips help make your trip better! Let me know if you have any recommendations for me for my next trip there!

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