How to spend your first day in Dublin

Start the first day of your trip with drinking of course!

Wasting no time with 5 hours of sleep my friends and I woke up early to tour the Guinness Storehouse. This day was about to be full of alcohol so we needed to fill up first if we wanted to survive the day. With that said we went to the Lemon Jelly Café for a less than mediocre breakfast to say the least but in the end, it did the job because we lasted the day! But I don’t recommend it.

Guinness Gates

The highlight of my day was the Guinness Storehouse the smell of hops, coffee beans and chocolate fill your nose from the moment you step inside. I wanted to bottle up the smell and use it as a perfume!

It was an independent tour and all seven floors had something more interesting than the last. The view from the top was my absolute favorite at the gravity bar. Don’t rush to end the tour to get there but do enjoy it when you do because the views of the city and storehouse grounds are breathtaking, and the pints of Guinness is the cherry on the top of the cake.

After spending half the morning and into the afternoon drinking pints at Guinness we stumbled to the Jameson Distillery.


I recommend walking from the Guinness Storehouse to the Jameson Distillery or vis versa if the weather is nice because you get to experience the quaint side streets and its more of an adventure.  

 I am not even a remote fan of whiskey, but I figured I couldn’t go to Ireland and not do the tour #regrets. So, I did it anyway and I’m glad I did. The tour was so interactive and there were so many tastings throughout you really felt like you were taken back in time. even if you aren’t a whiskey drinker like myself, this tour should be a stop on your tours of Dublin.

Enjoying a pint at the Gravity Bar

Then it was off to the Temple Bar district for more drinking and listening to Irish street performers which are far better than anything Times Square has to offer!

P.S. Since returning to the states I’ve had a Guinness and it’s true they are best in Ireland.

Comment below if you have any recommendations or tips of your own!

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