Phat Kat Foods

Nov 30 2016

WTOP Web Story


Phat Kat Foods has been in Oswego and in business for only nearly a month and business is booming. The food trucks are owned and operated by veterans Ben Booney and Arthur Webb.

There are currently two food trucks on the road; the taco truck and the sausage truck. By the end of the year they are expected to have a total of four food trucks and an expantion into Onadaga County.

The idea to open a food truck business came to the two after Arthur’s step son had come back from French culinary school in San Jose. They wanted to open up a brick and martar but food trucks are a big thing in the West coast so they just took that idea and ran with it.

Their menu for Phat Kat Tacos varies from fish tacos to beer braised carnitas all no matter the taco all are spicy and great. The Sausage Truck menu has everything from a hot dog to what they call a Kat Nip sandwich which contains pork sausage stuffed with bacon and cheese.

Booney was the brains for the name of the food trucks Phat Kat Foods. It evolved from fat guys to fat boys, he went with the PHAT Pretty Hot And Tempting, the Kat came from when they woked at Novellas Booney called everyone Kat.

Their motto “feed the beast” is aimed at delivering quality food at a reasonable price to feed the hungry beast in you. Their location changes everyday so check out their Facebook page for their daily location and updates!

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