London Top 5 No Debating.

If you are a Drake fan you may understand where I was going with the title 😉 But anywayyy since I’ve been home everyone has been asking my highlights of London, it is too hard for me to pick one so here are my top 5! :

  1. High tea at Sandersons – of course while you’re in London an afternoon tea is a MUST. While scrolling through Pinterest I found this one, Mad Hatters Tea Party at the Sandersons Hotel. This tea time was everything it was described as and magical. Everything relates to Alice in Wonderland from the tea flavors to the finger sandwiches and pastries, which were all delicious. It felt like you jumped down the rabbit hole and crashed the Mad Hatters tea party.Mad Hatters Tea PartyIMG_3522
  2. Kew Gardens – this has to be my absolute favorite place in London, the gardens are huge, you may get lost like I did but it’s the only place I was fine with getting lost in. It has so much to see from plants to art structures like the Hive you’ll spend hours in here. Its blissful, this is the perfect place for a relaxing stroll or to get some blogging done! Kew IMG_3596
  3. Borough Market – if you are hungry, don’t want to cook, or spend money; walk around and try all the free samples! This place was a go to spot when I wasn’t sure what I wanted to eat because here they have EVERYTHING. There are so many markets in London, Camden was another one of my favorites. But when you want food and not sure what and are close to the inner city then stop by the Borough market. Borough MarketIMG_3151
  4. Westminster/Southbank – this area of the city has some of the best views and photo ops. Start near the London eye and walk along the Southbank, watch the skaters in the graffiti cover skate park and then make your way along the bridge, if you’re lucky there will be some street performers. Stand on the bridge and you’ll have the London eye on one side and the houses of parliament and Big Ben on the other. From there go to Westminster Abbey and stand in the square and get the best pictures. This was one of my favorite places and scenery because of the amazing architecture surrounding you.South Bank
  5. The pubs (The Green, Brewdog) – the pub culture was a highlight of my experience in London especially since I could legally drink there! From the states to Europe the drinking culture is so different it’s a great experience. The pubs start flowing with people around 4pm but then clear around 9pm during the week, everyone works all day and then relaxes for a bit before heading home, their lifestyles are I think what turned me into a London girl. The hard ciders at the green were always my favorite and Brewdog was the best place to get my work done while enjoying a pint or two.

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