From Oswego to London

One month down in London town! After a month of being in this amazing country and new place I call home for a few months, I finally have time to sit down and get back to my blog. I’ll have loads of new content coming in being that I have many trips coming up and have pages of post ideas gathered in my notebook. I have already completed amazing accomplishments here in London especially at my internship where my work was published in their October issue! I’ve also done tons of solo adventuring and exploring and it’s amazing how much you learn about yourself through doing things on alone. Since being here I find myself comparing things from going to school in the town of Oswego to the big city of London. Here’s somethings I’ve noticed.

The Tube

Although we don’t have a subway system in Oswego we do have the blue route. The tube is necessary here in London just as necessary as the blue route is when you are living in Daga or Oneida. It gets you anywhere in London in at least 30 to 45 minutes. In order to use the tube, you need your Oyster card which for me allows me to get to anywhere within zones one and two, similar to a MetroCard in NYC. It works the same as your student ID does on the bus when they rarely ever ask you to tap it or show it.

Shepherds Bush Central Line
Shepherds Bush Central Line

The Night Tube

The night tube or Uber is the closest thing that is remotely similar to the D Bus. When it comes to being on the tube it’s a known thing that you remain quiet and don’t look at anyone, as this is a form of respect for others privacy. But when on the night tube it’s another breed of Londoners. You can be loud but not D Bus loud and rowdy but you can talk at least without being looked at like you have five heads. Also, the night tube cost just as much as the D Bus, just about US$2 to get from Shepherds Bush to Piccadilly Circus (the poor man’s time square), which is the best place to go out in.


Unfortunately, there is no Walmart full of townies here. Instead we have Tesco which is nowhere near close to Walmart it’s just a simple food store kind of like an Aldi’s. the nearest one to me is about a mile away which I walk to on days I need to go food shopping. When I need to grab something quick I go to the Sainsbury below my flat, there you will see some townie people hanging around outside.

Shepherds Bush Library

Shit no one ever says: I miss Penfield library BUT I do. Living in a flat with four other girls and only having one tiny round table is a struggle. Getting home from work and school at 5:30 practically every day is difficult itself and then trying to do homework after. Forget about it. In order to get work done since I was getting nowhere with my work sitting in my flat. I decided to go to the Shepherds Bush library, around the corner from me and relatively new it is indeed nice don’t get me wrong BUT besides the townies that sit on the computers in there, it closes at 5:30pm on Saturdays and Sundays and 8pm the rest of the week. What kind of library is that don’t they know college kids procrastinate especially Americans abroad. I need a 24-hour room and quiet floor and a fake Starbucks.

Westfield Mall
Westfield Mall

Westfield mall

It may not be Destiny USA but it might as well be. It one of the largest malls in Europe! And conveniently for my bank account right around the block from me. It has five guys perfect for those hungover mornings when you crave greasy food, Zara, Topshop wear I get my going out clothes (although they are nothing like what us Oswego girls wear it’ll do). They even have an area of the mall called ‘The Villages’, which has a wide variety of designer brands, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, Versace and more. When it comes to food they have an awesome food court featuring a sushi place named Yo! Sushi that is served to you on a conveyer belt. Coming back to Oswego and having Destiny as my go to mall may be difficult to adjust to.


Brewdog Flight
Brewdog Flight

If you are wondering if I miss the bars at Oswego the answer is sometimes. I’ve found my go to pub, Brewdog which is the closest thing to my beloved Raven. I indeed do miss Oswego drink prices very very much though. Although Brewdog doesn’t have a stage or dancing area it’ll do for the next few months. The vibes are the same and the people are so nice and chill, I think that’s why I like it so much, also because they have some great beers. Living here for the past month though has turned me into a hardcore hard cider girl, if you are looking for a GREAT variety and awesome all around hard ciders green room is the place to go. You may go for just a drink or two but that won’t happen.


The thing that keeps every college kid going. Caffeine. Here everything is smaller portions it is very rare to come across places that have actual sizes of coffee, it’s usually one size which is a small. There is no Dunkin here which is very heartbreaking and Starbucks is more expensive than at home so forget about that, go to a small café its cuter and you’ll feel more cultured.




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