Shepherds Bush

Shepherd’s Bush is a district of west London, within the London Borough of Hammersmith and also where I’ll be living for the next three months.

Its lively and residential, in a way it reminds me of living in the New York City.   London is a mini New York City, except its cleanier, the people are nicer, and it doesn’t smell.

IMG_2461There’s so much to do around here theres the Bush Green which would remind you of a mini central park. Westfield mall is right around the corner with every store imagineable, its one of the biggest malls in Europe. The best part about living here is everything you need is right outside your door or around the corner.

IMG_2629Below our flat is Shepherds Bush Market with bargain prices for anything you need. IMG_2459.JPGBy 5:30 the market is closed but whats just  starting to look alive is the pubs. In our neighborhood theres the Sindercombe Social and Brewdog. Since the stations are right near us everyone goes from work to the pubs in their suits and all. Pubs usually close by 11pm so its a place to socially drink until then.

With a mall walking distance from me, pubs on both corners, and an outdoor market beneath me, its safe to say I’m happy here.

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