Last Day in America

I haven’t been able to blog much this summer due to working everyday to save every penny for my 3 month long adventure. But today I got to explore the North Fork of Long Island.

A 30-mile-long peninsula known for its vineyards on the northeast side of Suffolk county is home to many hidden gems such as the sunflower field in Mattituck we were lucky to come across. Although it was full os bees it was something worth the drive to see.


The North Fork is not only known for their wineries but also their farms. I visited Harbes family farm that has been around since 1978. The farm is a place that has something for everyone, the barnyard for the kids or the winery for the adults. They have roasted corn dipped in melted butter to die for along with their homemade lemonade. Visit in the fall for their apple picking too. 21272087_1744322742263229_7278498222406509229_n.jpg Although the sunflowers aren’t going to last much longer Harbes farmstand will.  Visit them from September 9th-10th for their orchard apple festival.

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